I don’t know what I expected

But I didn’t expect the verdict to be so… terminal

The odds are totally against you. You are one in a million that can beat out this mental illness.

You’ll drop out of college. Lead a despondent life. Have broken relationships. You’re likely to become suicidal and attempt suicide. You don’t have a chance.

So I suggest you take this pill.

….Will it help?

It might. We’ll just try it and see. If it doesn’t we’ll try another one.

What about the sideeffects?

… I blacked out and woke up in tears.

…. I couldn’t sleep.

…. I got dizzy and fainted at my friend’s wedding and then started throwing up.

I couldn’t eat for three days.

My Samoan father- “papa” asked me the size of my waistline 26 inches. I said yes. He gave me a second helping of ulu and palusami.

I was weeping. I was shaking. I ran out of the dorm room at 4:30 am and called the suicide hotline.

I knew if I hadn’t run out I would have killed myself.



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