Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain that screws over your emotions. Some people get angry. Others get numb. Some cry for hours. Some can’t cry at all.

Fatigue is common because the energy it takes to hide the depression or just to tell that feeling, that monster in your head, to get out so you can get your hair brushed into a ponytail, so you can eat some Pops cereal or maybe because food is too hard to keep down a protein shake. Half a protein shake.

Depression isn’t something you get to choose and oftentimes you don’t even get to choose your response because emotions fire off at their own volition.

The pills. They aren’t fun to take. They aren’t Uppers or a quick fix or a happy pill. Despite what doctors say there is still a risk of serious life-threatening side effects. I guess they justify that into the dark nightfall by saying that depression is a lifethreatening illness anyways so naturally the cure must fit the illness.


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