Take the Heat

Every day I feel like I’m bent over backwards

Tightrope between okay and so not okay

Can I have those calories? Or will I be fat?

Will I swing from starving to indiscriminate gluttony?

Where is the path going to take me?

Bend over backwards

Stretch screaming muscles

Brush sweat off on your shoulder

Get up again

Go again

Up those bleachers

Down that trail

The sun is beating down, hot and strong

Run. keep running.

Tempo. Tempo.

Escape into the outdoors


Open your heart and mind to the sky

Nothing that happens in that house matters outside, you can breathe out here, you’re free

You’re fast enough to outrun it all my cheetahgirl, top athlete, you have a place you can feel safe

Escape into the sunlight, the heat

Become one with the sun, firechild

This desertborn girl is tougher than knives

She can take the heat.head-out

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