Losing Him

I have to say that my heart sang this song a thousand times when I cried. All those times I was angry at myself for being pathetic, for not being able to just get up and get over it. Just like with anorexia. Dropping 3 sizes…

And yet so what if the heart is broken? It still beats. I’m still surviving. It takes a freakin’ warrior to do that. So what do I have left? Well an independent streak a mile wide, inability to trust easily, a new thinner, leaner body, and a broken mind. You know something funny about being “crazy?”
Crazy people don’t HAVE to play by the rules anymore. Let the crazy out because honestly why. Just ask why. Why do I have to be a size 5 to be gorgeous? Uh, I don’t. Who is it that makes up all these “rules” that we just follow like use a fork to eat your salad uh excuse me hands work fine too. Just stop and think for a minute, what you could be, if you were “crazy”. You could be whatever you want because one thing about desperate, cornered, broken people- we can be and do anything to survive. If you have to have a 3 hour dance party in your room to let off some steam or ditch a day of work to watch the waves on the beach well, why not? You only have one life. Live it.

my new size.jpg

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