My Teddy Bear

He held me when I cried

He drove me to the airport

He called me when he hadn’t slept in days and had no time to call

He doesn’t call his family but he calls me

He spent hours trying to fix his laptop so he could call me

He says I love you

I asked him to call me sweetie or baby because I really like it and he does

He listens when I talk about things that hurt

He loves me

He promises he’s not going anywhere

He promised me a big hug when I come back to him

The night I told him to leave me alone and that I was going to kill myself

He checked on me

When he says my name to say hi I can tell he’s smiling

He videochats me when he works out so I can count his reps cause he’s a derp sometimes… (but it makes me laugh which is why he does it)

He winks at me because it drives me crazy trying to figure out why he does it

He talks story with me when I need advice usually at the most inconvenient times

He talks about me to our friends

He took time to visit me at the gym when I was really depressed and anorexic

He asked me about the boy I loved

He calls me at night when I can’t sleep and we talk until he falls asleep

Teddy Bear is my best friend. I love him so much.

When I get off the plane back from the hell that is rehab, his smile is the first one I want to see.

I know he’s 6 ft 5 and I’m 5 ft 3

But I still want to drop my baggage, run at him, and jump into his arms

I really miss my boyz.panda bear

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