You know I didn’t visit the village for a week and when I came back Moni asked how long it had been and I said a week and he said “It felt like an eternity”

And when I went out with the palagi Moni cried! I have no idea what that was about but Vale looked at him and said “Don’t cry Moni it’s just one date” and then I said “Actually he asked me on a second one” “Never mind go ahead and cry Moni”.

You know when MJ. I bent over to look at a crab in a tidepool at Laie point and he pinched my waist and I hit him across the chest? He also tried to hold my hand. And hug me. And I had- NONE of it.

Wally asked how was my date and I told him. And I said the guy was way snuggly and he smiled and just said “I bet you liked that” and I said “Actually no, I hit him.” I just don’t have anybody I feel safe cuddling with rn you know. I would LOVE that. More than anything. But that’s why I keep saying no. It puts me in kinda a vulnerable position. A VERY vulnerable position.

You know something else? I have new leggings right? The cheap ones from when I went out with Yusuke dress shopping? Yeah. Maui noticed on Saturday. He was eating and I got up to help wash the dishes and I started to feel kinda self conscious and Wally was looking and he said “I like those leggings” “Thank you Maui. They were cheap.” “How much?” “$10, usually leggings are $30”.

On a sidenote did you know Moni notices if I braid my hair? LIke how?

Guys notice weird stuff.

I’m kinda depressed because I didn’t get a full meal down all day. I should have. But I couldn’t. And the Maui emotions dang it dang it DANG IT Maui. I keep thinking if he just married Selena then all my problems would be solved and I keep thinking direct those feelings to motivate you to find a good man and to be a good woman but it’s a tangled FRACASWoke up at 4:30 got to the gym at 5:10 and work out for almost an hour on elliptical and step machine. My quads and butt are going to be FINE when I get back to running. Then Damon wanted to do his workout in the weight room so I went in there and who do I see? Maui. He smiles and is like good morning Hannah little mr sunshine humph and I’m like hey Maui and I look for Damon like help me don’t leave me alone in here with him he bites. I like some of the machines in there. Not a bad idea to go in there and use a couple then go back to elliptical only I definitely need to do less aerobic.

I am usually the only woman in that gym and I know I can represent but when I go there and men like Maui also go there….

Okay so I work out for two hours and two days later one of my Samoan men says

“Yeah, you do a lot of squats, eh”

Bruh. I did 2 minutes of squats. Out of 2 hours. Where were your eyes? No really. I’d like to know.

Also gonna say that when Maui checks me out he does the whole body up and down and he will do that up to four times.

This boy is not single. EYES FORWARD BRUH. EYES FORWARD.

People would think that the gym is a great place to meet men. It is somewhere to meet men. Just not ones that you would actually date because they tend to be bodyfocused little hoes.

This is a post form last year that I just included because it shows the progression of things relevant to now. Such as Maui and I pretending the other doesn’t exist. And poor Moni waiting for his missionary girlfriend to come home. Poor baby.


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