(note- this has a positive message at the end so finish it.)

An ex- bestfriend told me “If you were just normal people would want to be with you.” 2 things I have to say on that.
1) I was born not normal and I will die not normal. I’m a fabulous person and that’s not “normal”
2) If he went through half the hell I went through these past two years he’d come out a gibbering wreck if he made it out alive at all. ((note- this has a positive message at the end so finish it.)
Moral of the story? You think you can live my life better than me please go jump off a bridge. The world doesn’t need any more of that BS than we already have.
The other moral of the story? Judgment leaves no room for love. If you went through every experience of someone’s life and were born with their same mind, same personality, you’d do exactly what they’d do. YOU’RE NO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE.
Throw the first stone. I’m not afraid of you. There’s not much left of me to hurt. I’m used to hurting, and I fought my way through it and I’m still working damn hard to get over more and more that happens, and I know I don’t quit. At the end of the day when 99.9% of the population would curl up into fetal position and say “I can’t do this” I curl up into fetal position and say the same thing but then I remember who I am and I get up and make my life happen. I never give up. So throw it. Throw your stone. Hurt me as much as you want. You’ll never beat me down. I will always be the Queen.👑👑👑👑
There’s nothing anyone can say or do to me that will take that away from me. Which is probably why they’re throwing stones in the first place is because when they see weakness in others, they are reminded of their own weakness and they can’t stand it. (remember the woman caught in adultery? #biblereference) And instead of looking inward they look outward and abuse the “source”. Look. If my pain reminds you of your own pain- don’t use it as an excuse to inflict more pain. You should know better.
I guess I should thank him for being such a good example to me of what I will not become. I’m going to work harder on not being so judgmental and more loving and accepting of other people’s flaws. I still want to punch him in the face but I accept I am fabulously flawed and it’s totally okay to have feelings. It’s what you do with it that counts. Just shows me what I have to work on. ^_^ My glorious little anger issues where I punch the punching bag so hard in the gym that I tear the skin off my knuckles, you know, not that I would ever do that, I’m SUCH a calm sweet little angel.

(that was sarcasm. I crawled up from hell a long time ago and despite my cute face I still manage to cause PLENTY of mischief. Just ask my dad. His hair went grey for a reason.😉)

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