Sea Life Park- Kekaimalu

If you are ever on Oahu you have to visit the Sea Life Park at least once. I went with my college a week ago- on my period while it drained out my soul and made me sick to my stomach- and I still enjoyed it. That means it was amazing.

They have a WOLPHIN. That is a mixture of a WHALE and a DOLPHIN people. There is one in the world and she had a baby!!! Her name is Kekaimalu which means calm ocean.  She is bigger and darker than a dolphin and the dolphin show was so fun and cute.

ANNDD not just that but they try to respect native Hawaiian culture as well. They have dolphins named Lani and Kaleo and Laka, named for Hawaiian gods and with basic Hawaiian words. All of the animals signs have a Hawaiian version of their name underneath them and they have the tribal prints and patterns on the signs. One of the legends they talk about is Hina riding a shark in a legend and leaving a bump on it’s forehead which they think is a Hawaiian legend about a dolphin. They said that there weren’t any mention of dolphins in the legends but honestly that wouldn’t make sense. Hawaiians as well as most of Polynesia, were navigators and sailors. They had double hulled canoes that could take a host of people all the way from South America to Tahiti (there was a Norwegian researcher who did that in the 1900s to prove it was possible). There was no way they had never seen a dolphin before. And every creature in their lives was known to them and had a place and a purpose. There were Kapus placed on fish during spawning for conservation purposes. Certain fish or octopus were said to come only when a chief was about to perish. The natural world was woven into every aspect of Hawaiian lore. Flowers, even, have meanings. And many animals (as they mentioned in the show) can be aumakua which means a spirit guardian. In Moana, grandma Tala becomes an aumakua. Often they are guardians of the family so certain families would not eat certain animals to honor their aumakua.

At Sea Life Park they actively work to conserve the Hawaiian honu- the green sea turtle. Okay they work on all marine animals but the point of this is that there are many species of marine life and other species that can only be found in Hawaii that are endangered thanks to tourism, illegal fishing, soil erosion, and other problems caused by- you guessed it- humans. Fun fact did you know that soil runoff from construction washes down the once clean fresh water, carrying pollutants and the fertile topsoil, and down into ke kai? (the sea). And it takes the fertile top soil so that the earth is hard and will not grow plants to hold the soil down, which causes more erosion- and when soil settles over the reef the coral is killed. You poke one stick into the complex wonders of mother nature and you will disrupt thousands of systems.

Some of the species include the Hawaiian green turtle and the Hawaiian monk seal. They hd one at Sea Life Park. Her name is Lamb Chop and I don’t know who named her but that was a very classy move on their part. Monk seals have the most soulful eyes. I bet if they were people they’d be personified angels. These big dark eyes, so beautiful…

I loved watching the dolphins. If I could start over my college education I would be a dolphin trainer. There is this bond that they have with their trainers. Being able to work with those animals is so special. I loved watching them dance for the shows. It was so sad to see them enclosed. I wish there was a halfway way to do it, so that they live in the ocean but come and perform for people too. A sanctuary and less of a cage. The turtle enclosure almost made me cry. Turtles like to surf, did you know that? They go up inside the wave and ride it sideways. First time I was in Hawaii that was my favorite memory. I saw a sea turtle and it was so beautiful and so graceful. They are amazing. I absolutely would believe that they are aumakua.

Green sea turtles can live to be 80-100 years old. Which probably makes them smarter than us. They face a lot of problems, though.

Also they look super cute when they eat.

I was so privileged to be able to go and I love watching my little videos from the dolphin and sea lion shows to lift my spirits because even though people are totally screwed up, at least the animals have it together. They’re so beautiful. I could watch them for hours.

Oh and about the bird- they have a sanctuary for birds called Hale Manu. One of the birds bit me really hard, which was not cool. I still have a mark and it’s been over a week. And Kolohe Kai is a singer who has awesome songs- check out Good Morning Hawaii- but what his name means is mischievous sea. And the sea lions were very flirtatious. If I can figure it out I will come back and post some videos because it was an amazing show. They did so well.

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