Are You Living Your Actual Life?

There’s a reason I’m asking that question. I am looking back through my Instagram, my facebook, all of that and I’m asking what is your story you are trying to tell. Who are you?

I think Kung Fu Panda gave the best answer to that one.

“I am Po. And I’m gonna need a hat.”

Who you choose to be

AHEM. Asides my humor-there are so many reasons you should be watching Disney movies but the one that is I think the most important thing about what Disney’s original message is- is about your dreams. Your dreams propel you to where you want to be, where you wish you were instead, but sometimes, looking at what you have, you are living those dreams. Maybe they aren’t the dreams you had yesterday and maybe your dreams are different tomorrow, but just look at you. Look at you. Every person born has the breath of life, the fire that flows through them, power of soul. What are you doing with your power?

Moana voyages to Te Fiti to heal and restore and discovers she has the strength to lead her people back to the ocean, Pocahontas stands in front of a war club “I don’t know what I can do, still I know I’ve got to try” knowing that no matter what her contribution is she must give her all and she stops the fighting, Mulan saved China. By being a badass warrior but also by using her unique intelligence, throughout the story you see clips of a deep side to Mulan, a side that honors traditional values but also is clever, intuitive, and strategic and all of this with a caring heart. She is valiant as a lion. She also whacked a Hun with a shoe. Tell me that’s not awesome and you be lyin’.

Belle, Arielle, Rapunzel, Tiana- and Tiana’s special because she talks like me. Tiana works so hard every day to get some thing  and what she finds out is that life is not about the things. Life is about the love. Life is about the love you put into what you do and the people you’s with.- these and so many other tales we tell throughout time is all about the journey of life. It is about discovering the power you already had. Your potential. Your truth.

When I look back at my photos, my pictures, the music I dance to, the journals I keep I realize I have been asking and answering that question through my entire life. Yes I have an eating disorder. Yes I have PTSD and severe depression. Yes I love to eat samosas… No. What I usually come back to is that I am myself. No matter how many people try to push me into a bubble I will pop that bubble or pop outta that bubble. I will never be anything other than who I am. Whether that means singing in Hindi when I do my laundry or singing softly in Hawaiian when I’m trying to sleep or when I get off the bus at a random spot and go looking for adventure or I do a crazy happy dance in the middle of the store and cuddle with all of their fluffies (stuffed animals)…. Whatever I do, it’s me doing it. It’s me- living. Are you truly living your life? Do we really have to live a boring, nondescript life typing out paperwork in a tiny little office cubicle our whole life? Are you taking just a few seconds out of the hustle and just remembering that there is so much joy in life? So much sensation, experience! There are things to be tasted, touched, smelled, savored for the beauty of life that they truly are. There are jellyfish in the aquariums that look so blurby blurb why don’t you take your lunch break at work to just go look at them! Or the SEA TURTLES. Or the whales!!!

(the above has absolutely nothing to do with me going to the Waikiki Aquarium today and no, they did not have whales. I just imagined the whales. I think. My meds do things to me.)

I’m going to give you an example of going above and beyond the call of duty and then my next post is gonna be my day today because let’s face it the American attention span- not so great.

You wonder why we idolize those celebrity people and read all those books? It’s because we imagine that in another life- we could be living the life they are living. Maybe we can save some mullah on the tabloids and spend more mullah on why the heck can’t I walk down the street dressed as Batman? There is no law against being Batman. In fact. Be who you are. Unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman.

Seriously. Ask this question about what you’re not doing just ask it and see if you really do have a legit reason. “WHY NOT”

Brave Sara Baerielles

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