My Personality

I have soo many examples of my personality but today you only get one.

My facebook was giving me trouble. They thought I had hacked myself. And I obviously didn’t I just posted an abnormally large amount of pictures because I was purging over 8,710 from my poor lil android phone. ANYWAYS it was a pain and they ASKED for feedback. Can you believe it? They actually ASKED for it. So I had no qualms whatsoever about responding in kind!

Facebook Help Section: Why are you providing feedback about this issue?

Me: AHEM. Because I’m having trouble reading the security thing, it is getting on my nerves and I swear I’m not a robot, I definitely have a pulse. Thank you, have a nice day. ^-^ (maybe next time you can add in a security question for the undead who try to get on my facebook page. That would at least be an amusing waste of my time)

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