Why Strippers Exist

OH yes. I went there. Oh my.

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Fantasy. Fantasy is something people do constantly. The more complicated your mind is, the more creative, the more you slip into the world between the pages. If you study human sexuality you’ll find that men and women fantasize about their ideal partners to achieve orgasm. Tweenage girls post pictures of Justin Bieber to their walls and beg him to become their baby daddy even though they haven’t kissed a real boy yet.

One of the quotes from Magic Mike that I found the most fascinating was

“You’re not just stripping. You are fulfilling every woman’s wildest fantasies. You are the husband they never had. You are that dreamboat guy that never came along! You are the one night stand that they get to have, tonight, with you on stage…”

This is an R-rated film viewer discretion is advised. Anyways so my guyfriend posted this and it got me thinking because my brain has nothing better to do than drive me crazy. Straight down that rabbit hole tho. See what they show in this movie may be cliché and full of stereotypes and sex work is something we don’t talk about in appropriate public settings but it’s a very real part of our society. I absolutely object to sex slavery and child pornography and also pornography but my opinion on strippers is mixed. Our movies and music reflect our fantasies.

People have written about and talked about sex since the dawn of civilization. Different physical attributes have become a high status symbol like if you are a black woman, you want a finneee ass. If you’re an Asian woman you want big eyes. And Asian men- if you read manga or watch anime and I will cite Diabolik Lovers for an example of some of the very exotic fetishes people get you fantasize about women as dolllike, helpless, with big eyes, beautiful hair, and big breasts and a big butt. And it’s either freakin cute or it’s dark. This is Vampire Knight. But you’ll also find plenty of manga and anime like Otomen with gender switch, different sexual orientations, and all sorts of role playing. Maid-Sama is another one.

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In Korea you’ll watch the dramas and you’ll find that the women are slightly stupid and can’t fend for themselves. The man is 99% of the time richer, smarter, and more handsome. My favorite is Rooftop Prince. If you was Secret Garden that’s another one. Oftentimes the man is pretty rude to the woman and she is rude back and that’s what they have in common so they end up together. And because I love you I’m going to give you 2 music videos one from Japan that is very gyaru (girly) and I’m going to also do a Korean one which those Korean female singing groups my goodness. Kpop rules this world. Okay. I lied. We’re doing 3 or 4. I can’t resist them.

In the Latina world oh my gosh. Those men are sexy as hell. Of course I also like black guys. Anyways the women have the manicures, they are very curvy, and even the dancing. oh MY.

ANNDD then we have Rihanna and Pour it Up. The twerking event of the season can we put our hands together for those women who know how to shake it dab it work it turn it up twerk it jerk it I owe the African American community for 75% of my dance moves. And yes I’m adding the Step dance trailer because I love step. I can’t really do it, but our all-black dance club at my high school did step and it was freakin’ awesome

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And then we have India and China and then we also have ballet. Ballet salsa samba siva Zumba (lol) pole dancing strip teasing. We have Africa. We have France we have ballroom dancing we have love songs and rap songs about banging your girl. As many people as there are in this world are how many fantasies we can create.

And I’m going to represent some of Irish step dance which I took classes when I was a kid and it’s so much fun.

Representing India I have 2 videos. Though as in other places dance is about telling a story and oh my gosh I have so much to tell you about dance and music and culture all over the world. After I show you India and a quick peek at traditional Japan and China we are going to the Pacific Islands. And you are going to love it because even though the islands think they are the center of the world, they’re not. So many people have no clue.

HERE we go with 2 from Japan and then we’ll do 2 from China one old one new.

And now some CHINA

AND BYUHawaii has CULTURE NIGHT WHICH I MISSED BECAUSE I WAS IN REHAB I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO UPPPPSSSSEEEEETTTTTTTTTT AAAAAAAAAA 😦 😦 😦 Ohmigosh I cried so hard. I’d been wanting to do it for a year and no, you will not see me volunteering for Tongan or Samoan dance okay. I just… It’s too tame for this sexy girl. And yeah. I know most of the people in these videos. Not the white people. Just my polys. oh migosh I’m still so sad I missed it.

And here we have some Te Vaka which is a mix of some Samoan, Maori, and Tahitian/Cook Islands style. They try to represent most of the islands. And I’m adding another Samoan video because I liked this luau dance better than most and I’m adding a poorly recorded tau’aluga because the girl is so good.


And my PCC videos. The Maori Haka plus the dances with sticks. And I have Cook Islands Videos because it’s my favvvooorrriiittte

And I have 2 from Hawaii nei. And in case you wondered about the dance in Moana I can totally do a post on that later

We write books and make music not just to make sense of our lives but also to enjoy our lives. To savor the good moments, to savor the bitterness of sorrow, to know the full heights of joy as well as crushing melancholy. The person next to you in the car at the red light is daydreaming about their lover from twenty years ago. Maybe the person on the other side is daydreaming about what a day is like in the life of Justin Bieber. Maybe that girl taking a selfie is imagining herself with J-lo’s body.

The reason strippers exist. And all of these pleasure seeking venues get their money is because we pay them money. We pay them money to see what we can’t do. We watch the Olympics. We are lovers of the fabulous. We flirt with the impossible.

We fantasize about having a lover such as the Old Spice Man or DA ROCK JOHNSON. We imagine being made love to like that passionate affair in Pasión Y Silencio with roses and champagne we watched last Tuesday. We cry watching the Notebook. We laugh watching Leap Year. We watch cute videos of bumbling puppies getting into trouble and we smile because we know how they feel, we can see their heart in their eyes and we feel connected to the moment. Stories are meant to go straight to the heart and fantasy is the secret world of dreams we live in.

Like they said in Magic Mike

All of the arts of language, dance, music, are meant to connect this world. To be a part of the swirling, ever-changing divisions and joinings, like a drop of water that rolls down your skin to join the other drops and the rivulet that meets the curve of your forearm to fall from your hand, sparkling to the ground where the sun drinks it up and brings it to the clouds again. An eternal cycle of change and yet one of the constants is fantasy.

Why am I teaching you this? Well I can teach you about all these dances and all these cultures but the lesson I want you to learn is below.

If you can know someone’s fantasies intimately it gives you so much power, knowing their fantasy is knowing such an intimate part of their soul. You then know what speaks to them and you can whisper to those quiet corners of their soul, you can breathe life into their passions, you can tug at the corners and pull them into a new picture.

scientia potentia est. So important.

Also this dance is what my men tend to enjoy doing so I’m going to share it. And this is why I call them “exotic dancers”. Seriously. Love my boyz.


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