I f-ing love myself.

I love how I get up when the world comes crashing down. I love my crazy curly wild hair. I love putting on my tiara to go to school. I love it when I sass those boys and remind them who they are dealing with. I love it when I do what I want and I ignore all those voices who tell me who I can and can’t be.

I love how strong and healthy I am. I love how I love to work out. I love that I love trail running and feeling the sun warm my skin and drink in the sky. I love that I used to outrun the falling sun back in Arizona. I love how I do this special little kawaii dance whenever I see something fluffy. I love my brown eyes. I love the color of my skin. I love dancing. I love to move. I love to run and jump. I love how I disappear into the mountains. I love how I sing in Hindi when I do my laundry and sing in Hawaiian for a lullaby.

I love the crazy, imperfect, wonderful person I am.

I love myself for not quitting.

I love myself for never never never quitting.

I love myself for those times when I feel weak and life tears me apart and I say “KAY, WE’RE BAKING SUGAR COOKIES” or something like “Well, that didn’t go as planned” and I go do something awesome and crazy.

I love those spontaneous walks to the beach where I imagine I am the queen of the mermaids, mysterious, seductive, as she stares out at the waves. I love how I watch Lilo and Stitch.

I love it when I pull the clothes and blankets out of the dryer and wrap myself up in a nest of them and fall asleep.

I love that I text guys kitten gifs. and panda gifs. And I love it when I order them around and they obey.

I love that rape didn’t take my life. I love that I fight the consequences of being raped every day. I love that I stand up and say No, when someone is being abused, and I stick up for them. I love that I care a lot about people. I love that I went all the way to Kailua to buy my guyfriend chocolate for his girlfriend. I love it when I stick my tongue out at people like a five year old because I just do not care. I love it when I play the rap music and get DOWN. I love how no matter how many men have ripped apart this heart it still beats and I still have the fire. I love my strength. I love my passion.

I love how I treasure my life. I love how despite all these odds against me, I chose to live. And I never gave up. I love how I never give up. Ever. I love how I don’t know when to quit.

I love that I go crazy for tiny little things. I love how I like to go into the store and cuddle their stuffed animals when I think no one is looking. I love how I name all my stuffed animals and still snuggle with them in my closet when I have a bad day. I love how my biggest turn-on is watching Wonder Woman and the Amazons beat the crap out of the Nazi’s. I love how I talk like a black woman when I get upset. I love how I flip my ponytail over my head and bray like a horse when I’m stressed. I love how I pattern the henna designs over my legs. I love how I dance while I’m eating breakfast. I love how I will sit there for hours and beat my head against the wall and study while I’m trying to get it. I love how I love languages and people. I love that I love to¬†dance! I love how I do what I want despite what EVERYONE else thinks.

I love making fun of romcoms and skipping the kissy parts. I love how I love horses and I love how I knock the stuffing out of punching bags. I love it when I’m sassy. I love me when I’m pissed off. I love it when I’m so tired and I have nothing left but I still make it work. I love it when I play the violin and it sings to me. I love myself for still believing in fairytales. I love myself when I go for what I want and get the hell out of my way. I love it when someone walks in front of my punching bag in the gym and I just glare at them instead of stopping it from swinging straight at ’em. Wrong place, wrong time ho. Not my fault you didn’t use the brains you was born with.

I love that I’m sassy. I love that I’m unique. I love that I’m talented. I love that I’m salty. I love that I’m sweet.

I love that I’m me.



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