A Red Sun Rises


Anyone go to the movies lately? You might have seen me in them. Drama Queens all over the world try to emulate me. I’m pretty sure producers follow me and take notes.

Am I having drama in my life today?

Hon. Every day. But today, today is special because guess what…

But drama, is what we love! The problem is, we don’t like drama when it happens to us! Take me, for instance. I had a period right on schedule…. And then 7 days later (I love this cartoon artist she is amazing)

It’s so accurate I am laugh-crying. Of course that has nothing to do with the fact that I worked out 3 hours in 2 days and that’s not adding in the 2-3 hours a day every day last week. uh. yeah. that wasn’t my plan. But honestly if you’d been bleeding for a whole period and then 7 days later Mother Nature strikes again…

Sidenote- you know how women used to talk in code to signify they were on their period? “Japan is attacking”

….. I, on the other hand prefer a more subtle approach

And if noone gets it I just do this for my clueless guyfriends so they have a chance to scurry under a rock. No lie. I tell them this straight up.

Never seen them run that fast before, not even for panipopo… Of course if I don’t then they just hang around anyways and get all confused when I tell him what I really think about his new haircut. And the rest of him too.

I only know a couple guys that can take me when I’m on my period and they are built like the Great Wall of China and they had like 7 sisters.

They are truly men among men. ^^

what does a period feel like? Let me demonstrate based on my recent escapade.

Day 1

Day 2


Day 3

Day 4

Today- which was pretty much the peak of this period. If it gets any more exciting I’m skipping the gynecologist and calling 911.

Do you think they let you off with a stern warning if you call because you’re in a hormonal period rage and you’re really not responsible for your actions? and can you blame me?

And for you lovely delicate snowflakes who didn’t want to hear all about the female period….

I’m out. Seein’ the doctor tomorrow, dead-tired, exhausted, cramping, bleeding, with a headache and a bad attitude with nothing and nobody to cuddle. I hope this is nothing to worry about.

I have so much stuff to do tomorrow besides the doctor. I keep looking at my notebook and blinking like it will go away but no 2 pages of organized notes on where to be, when, and who needs what and what I have to do for school and housekeeping and doctors appointments it’s NOT GOING AWAY. THIS IS WHAT WE CALL REAL LIFE.

Also I keep writing really emotional letters to my ex-ish-guy-friend-ish KT person. (I didn’t know what else to call him and me needs sleep. lots of sleep.). Everybody do that thing you did when this happened

and hopefully the thought of people around the world screaming in indignation will prevent me from sending any of those letters to that ho-ho. G’night.


  1. LOL. You pretty much summed up what that time of the month is like! I too love Sarah’s Scribbles. 🙂 Her comics are adorable yet so relatable. My period comes at me like a ninja, unfortunately… 😦 It catches me unawares because for me I sometimes feel like my default mood is moody as it is, but in the days before my period, I really get even more irritable and melancholic. I always almost end up thinking, “what the hell is wrong with me today?” and like magic, I wake up in blood. >_<


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