So if you want to hear a fun fact about members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I have many, but today, in the context of me nearly throwing up in my mouth at my religion homework for school, I’m going to share a very personal example with you.

“Mormons” were pioneers. They settled a lot of the west, including the Mormon Mecca Utah. Yes that is right kids, the Mormons got there first. Growing up I was told a lot of stories about miracles on “The Trek” (that is how we refer to it) and about angels ministering and people being inspired to come out and save lives on the handcart companies.

To be fair to these people before my unfortunate lack of the political correctness gene kicks in, these people left because they were being tarred and feathered, their businesses broken down, their women and young women raped, their husbands shot and beaten and killed- all in front of their eyes. In church history they completely wiped  that part out, that many of the Mormon women were raped.

In all my years of belonging to the church it only recently occurred to me, because I was raped by a member of the church in high standing, that other women in a situation like the church had the same problem. And it occurred to me that when men kill other men, in the lust for blood and domination, they hurt and rape women. An insecure man will force his “dominance” on others. Think of it like a dog having to pee on a wall to say “this is mine” or fighting another dog over it. The dog doesn’t care about the rug he just irreparably damaged, he doesn’t care about the family of the dog whose throat he just tore out. The dog doesn’t care that onlookers are very disappointed in him. He also isn’t thinking that he may be put down for killing the other dog. The dog is only thinking this is mine and I have to mark it.

So in other words, someone who rapes another person, is less than an animal in that moment. Even animals don’t rape their mates. (as far as I know)

These brave women left bloody footprints in the snow when they were forced to leave Missouri. There is no question that these people were brave.

Many members of the church feel kinship towards their pioneer ancestors to this day and retell old stories of The Trek and the handcart companies of LDS members leaving Missouri and going out west to Zion. (I’m not explaining it because I am a cynic. You google it.) AND YET we refuse to tell the whole story. WE SEE WHAT WE WANT TO SEE ONLY. If you are a Christian or have a religion with a prophet or god figure, you personally have a testimony of your religion being true, right? The only true one on earth? If you’re wise, you recognize that all religions have truths within them but there is no such thing as a perfect religion.

Today I went to Religion class and I tried very very hard to hold my tongue which I should be good at it because I’ve worked with beaurocrats and deceivers for years. I’ve also worked with a lot of older men who “knew what was best for me”. And now I’m finding that a lot of that was totally wrong. Absolutely, unforgivably wrong. I can’t unsee what I have seen. And I’m trying not to cause a scene but as I have used this meme before my real inclination is


I really tried today guys. I did. But we got into this discussion and in the LDS church a mentality you need to understand is that we think we are the one true church on earth that received all the truth and all other religions only have bits and pieces. We also think that people who don’t live this religion in this life DO get to be educated it in the next life…. By which point they will be really pissed off at members who didn’t share the gospel with them in this life.


I used to believe that. But in my new ways I’ve learned to look for truths in all religions and I’m trying to learn to accept others better (I suck at it but I’m not being paid for this so leavemealone) and I realized that when I looked at others through that lens of them being “less than” because they weren’t a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I wasn’t being a very good person!

I realized that when you look at someone as less-than, it takes some incredibly badass magic to make you see them as anything else.

Example.See the source imageAnd if you’ve seen these spectacular renditions of Cinderella, you’ll realize that her stepmother and stepsisters ONLY EVER SAW what they wanted to see. Honestly Cinderella could have probably walked out in half-decent clothes to any other human on earth and been seen as a person, but no, she lived with monsters.

What we don’t realize is that those monsters are a caricature of ourselves.

(I just used the word caricature. Brownie points to ME.)

And one of my favorite Cinderella stories (but the newer one is better so watch this first then fall in love with the second one)

So there you go.

As far as my thinking goes now, I think that no, it’s not all that significant for other peoples of the world who don’t believe exactly what the LDS church was, that there is a Christ. Religion is a personal choice and someone who literally has no “knowledge” of Christ, well, this isn’t exactly life-changing if it doesn’t change their lives, does it?

They did not like me.

So I had to also do a writing assignment and I wrote this

today in class we faced the question of what the significance of Christ’s sacrifice is to people all over the world, whether or not they are LDS. In answering that question I raised a quote from the depths of my mind “Why, then, ’tis none to you, for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. To me it is a prison. Well, then it isn’t one to you, since nothing is really good or bad in itself—it’s all what a person thinks about it.” Shakespeare’s Hamlet Act 2. So there you have it. Those who do not believe in Christ are imprisoned by their ignorance in this life and incapable of knowing the joy’s of life with knowledge of Him and His sacrifice. This knowledge could free them of that unbelief and make Him significant and give their lives purpose in him, now. This highlights the importance of our needing to share the gospel as we see it with the rest of the world.”

And I have to be honest it made me feel so sick inside. I’m going to write you my real answer.

I do not believe that any person is made more than or less than by how they choose to act or believe. If there is a God, I do not believe he takes the quality of man of comparison between his children in the way that we do as esteeming one as worth less than another. Good and bad, are very different than of worth and worthless. To Him, we are everything. We are of infinite worth. I believe that a person can live a good, wholesome, and wonderful life, whether or not they choose to follow the LDS religion. I also believe that it is not the place of others to force their religious beliefs upon others unwilling, unless it is for physical and emotional safety of another party- plain and simple, I don’t believe in using religion as justification for violence. I don’t believe in using religion like a weapon to say “I have more truth than you” “I am better than you because I made an eternal marriage, not a temporal marriage”

Ho. That was never the point of Christianity.

Y’all be trippin.

Did you ever, ever, ever read about Christ throwing someone out for not being righteous “enough”. Did you ever ever EVER read anything about Christ telling someone he was worthless because of a choice he/she made? Did Christ ever turn someone away because of their race? NO. Christ was merciful and kind and he never sorted his followers into a caste of classes. and in my own path to becoming a better person, that is a quality I’m striving for. And yes I am the perfect hypocrite but hey, I’m PROGRESSING. I never said I was good at it!

Also. I got 100% and a congratulations on the original insight.

I feel sick.

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  1. Yay! this makes me very happy to read! I don’t want to get into a political-correct strewn discussion either, but i have always believed christianity is about acceptance of both christians and non-christians. My first experience of church (I went to an anglican school) had the COMPLETE OPPOSITE effect, and it wasn’t until I started going to a church at uni that I realised christianity was not what I thought it was at all, and in my mind at least it is far more about acceptance and sharing the gospel, than turning down those who don’t choose to follow Christ. God bless x


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