Ue ka Lani Ola ka Honua The Tears of the Sky are the Life of the Earth๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒง

So… I just finished my to-do list for this week.


So that’s all the things I need to start doing pretty much ever day to take care of my leg injuries, my health, and my schooling for this week. Basically because every step hurts I am changing my entire workout plan for this month and also FINALLY getting back on my diet which is not cheap but I have no choice because when my body doesn’t get her carbs she retaliated by breaking my leg. She’s rather vindictive but seriously with everything I ask from this body that’s understandable. I’d be cranky too if I never got enough sleep or food oh wait, that’s true.

Changing the subject because a personal goal of mine is to complain less is it has been sooo wet over Here! Downpours just keep coming down like the last flash flood didn’t count. It is actually starting to kill plants and the topsoil and pollution are streaming into the ocean which kills the reef and drags more plastic and pieces of ships up to be cycled through currents until they land somewhere.

I always loved the rain back home in the desert. Rain had this clear scent that I cannot even begin to describe. Here the rain has no smell. Always catches me by surprise.

I am proud to announce that after living here for over a year and 8 months, I now own an umbrella. Something else about Hawaii is that no-one really uses AC…But BYUHawaii does! Lots of it! I walked by a classroom and asked the teacher when the polar bears were moving in. One of my classes has had the thermostat at 60 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 weeks. I ditched class. That is ridiculous. I am not catching pneumonia just to listen to my professor prattle on about global warming.

Did you know in the Hawaiian language there are over 200 words for rain? It is because there is a rain named for where and when it falls. Many names of Hawaiian nobility come from the signs in the heavens of their birth. Rain and a rainbow was a fortunate omen. There is a saying in Hawaiian. Ue ka lani ola ย ka honua. The tears of the sky are the life of the earth.

The flower on the left is awapuhi and it looks awkward before it opens but when it does the effervescent color is breathtaking. The clouds here and the way the sun shines through gives new life to the colors of everyday. Heavy mist swallows the mountains so that suddenly this valley of Laie is very very li’ili’i small. The ocean starts to look angry and the swells are capped grey and up north shore massive waves pound onto the shore ceaselessly.

My favorite thing is watching the raindrops fall onto the plumerias. The little crystalline orbs shine with a thousand colors of the world around them…

And then there is me staying inside, cocooned in a huge leopard print blanket, painting. Oh wait psyche, I’m walking to school through the deluge. I’m going to the gym through it. I’m literally dancing in it. But hey at least its that island life.

Also remember that hula festival where my halau performed the saga of the fire goddess Pele? Serves us right that it’s raining because we decided to do the story of Kamapua’a the pig God ย (pele’s not so secret admirer) and he represents this side of Oahu and Kaliuwa’a Sacred Falls. Because it’s the wet side that gets all the rain….

I hear the irony gods chortling.

Maybe his week when we learn a hula about Crouching Lion (not the Hawaii name) the rain will finally pau, who knows?๐Ÿ˜ž stranger things have happened.

Also look what my Tongan boyz who work at Samoan village have to wear in this weather ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ lil popsicles lol


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