Despite popular belief, I don’t tell you everything.

For instance I have a new hopeless secret crush on a guy and both of us will probably die of old age before I admit it because I’m a #bawse woman and I don’t got time for that.

This one is more…. Well for me it’s actually harder to share this than it is to talk about rape or mental illness or death because this for me, is more intimate.

Art is the way we speak to the world. How we see what we see and how we feel is naked to the eyes of all to do with as they wish.

I have a couple paintings I did recently just to show you. They all have deep meanings to them but that’s for me to know and you to guess. Anyways it’s not something I go around showing off so enjoy a snapshot of my secret world.20180624_175521IMG_20180625_231856_218

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