Ko’olauloa E

Ko’olauloa e

As I look to your emerald heights, caught between the spray of the sea and the dizzying winds of the sky
I remember where I came from
The land of heat and fire

And I wonder at how I am held in the embrace of this land
How I feel the fire within
The heartbeat
The mana
I am not yours and yet I am
I do not belong and yet I do
I taste your favor on the breeze
In the blessing of the plumerias

The flowers they trample, I gather
In sleep I hear the pueo owl outside my room and the bat watching the night
In eating I taste your favor in the taro. The greatest gift. The connection to the homeland.
The clouds crash over the horizon
I fear that I will be swept out to sea

Where I sleep here on a mat
I fear being different. I fear the others who call me haole, the person of no home
And yet I have your favor and am held in your arms as though you wish me to stay forever

Love what will I do when my life calls me to sail away
When I am torn from your heart
I feel as if I am cut off from the piko the source of my life.
I am healed and my pain is eased by the wind in the trees, the call of myna birds, the gentle beckoning waves.
The turquoise sea where I have seen turtles older than me and seals carry the seed of life to shore.
The scent of plumeria carries on the breeze


All these are gifts.
And I am content to lay here forever and sleep with you, Oahu, rising only to dance and to surf
The kahea comes, speaking of mist rising over your mountains
The hula comes, speaking of the raging fire and then the turning over of the land to be renewed

The oli comes, a call to show you I have learned your ways and wish for your return blessing to go on
I wait still for your oli to tell me the next story, ku’ulei

And as for the ho’i may it never come
I love you my islands. May I never have to leave.
But if I must go I pray that a piece of you will remain in this broken heart to give me strength against the tide

I will never be home without you love
Wait patiently for me and I will come home soon
Aloha oe Oahu

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