Little Bear

Well after a series of miracles, and for those of us who believe in angels, I apparently have had a posse of angels this year. and I ain’t complaining about it.

Anyways. Meet my service dog in training and try not to fall in love with my munchkin cause he’s a onewoman dog Kay?

More later because honestly I just moved a month ago and I’m already up to my ears in his training and healthcare and also, preparing to move back to the islands ^^ If God wills ā¤ And no I did not get him because he’s cute. I got him because he’s very docile, sweet, well-behaved, and also way smarter than anyone expects him to be. And he passed his behavior evaluation with the dog trainer I’m working with which is not easy to do. I won’t open locks in front of this dog because he already figured out how to open doors and he is seconds away from learning to unlock them too. Little escape artist…

It’s been quite the month.


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